A selection of Vector Line Artworks

Here is a selection of vector line artworks I have been working on, I created these work using my A4 Wacom tablet, all the vector lines are hand drawn and then adjusted in… Continue reading

Moleskine Sketch Book Love Quick Sketch

A quick sketch I drew up in my Moleskine sketch book, not sure what inspired it, ive been watching alot of Luther, a police TV drama, or it might have been the very… Continue reading

Discovering Majestic Rajasthan, India, 3 Cities, Jaisalmere Known as the Golden City, Bikaner and Jodphur Know as the Blue City

Here I am on a road trip, discovering majestic Rajasthan. My travel itinerary was to discover 3 cities, jaisalmere know as the golden city, Bikaner and jodphur know as the blue city. The… Continue reading

Illustrated Hackney Map, A little Guide, for When You Visit Shoreditch #illustration

I like maps, and I like to explore around Shoreditch, it was a easy enough decision to bring the 2 things I like and enjoy together to create a illustration. It might not be as… Continue reading

Learning a New Skill, 3D Modelling Using 3DSMax, Roller Skates

I Have been taking some time out to learn how to 3D model, here is a model of a pair of roller skates I have been working on. I enjoy working on new… Continue reading

Mothers Day 2013 Greeting Card Illustration Print #mothersday #mothersday2013

A new card illustration for Mothers Day 2013. I like designing cards, esp to hand out to family and friends. I guess I should really set up a on line shop, now that… Continue reading

Twinnings Sensations, Test Illustration Commissioned by AMVBBDO Agency

Agency AMVBBDO, Approached my illustration agent, Ben at Central Illustration agency, for a new potential advertising commission for Twinnings Sensations. The illustration was commissioned for a print campaign. The brief itself was interesting,… Continue reading

Calligraphy Style

I enjoy calligraphy, and its a style I use in my work, however with the above 2 illustrations above I recently created, I focused on the line, and how I could use the… Continue reading

Always You, Book Cover Illustration Commissioned by HeadDesign of London

I Worked with Headdesign in London to work on a Fictional novel names ‘Always You’ written buy successful writer Erin Kaye. I was briefed to create a 2 figures central to the book,… Continue reading

Valentines Day Card 2013

You cant beat something that says ‘Love You’ but you should really mean it. Here is a new illustration artwork I have created for Valentines day 2013. The illustration incorporates uniquely illustrated flowers… Continue reading

Seven Magazine Commission a illustration, Smart with your Money Tree Artwork

Seven Magazine Commission a illustration for an editorial article which was written about how to be smart with your Money in the case of inheriting or when your business venture delivers a windfall… Continue reading

Dark Forest, Halloween 2012 Illustration

Halloween is once again nearly upon us. Its one-day in the year this unusual day comes around where we try and scare ourselves and those around us, Its one of the reasons I… Continue reading

New Illustrated Greeting Card Range, of Flowers and Pets of the Soft & Cute kInd

I created a new range of Illustrated greeting cards, which I hope to sell through my online shop. The illustrations consist of a range of flower designs, and domestic pets, of the soft… Continue reading

Alice Secret, Book Cover Illustration Commission

Duncan Baird Publishers approached me to create a book cover illustration for a new publication based on Alice in Wonderland, In huge respect to John Tenniel’ original Alice in Wonderland illustrations, the brief… Continue reading

Illustrative Butterflies for Kellogg’s All Bran, Commissioned by Leoburnett Creative Agency

I worked with Leoburnett creative agency to produce illustrative butterflies for a press ad for Kellogg’s All Bran. The concept was to create a delicate feeling of how the digestive system is sensitive… Continue reading

Floral Illustration commissioned by, ddb, Germany, for Fabric Softer Brand, Vernel

I recently completed 2 illustration which were commissioned by, ddb, Germany, to create a bespoke floral illustration for Vernel. A fabric softener brand which is found in Europe. The brief was to create a… Continue reading

Advertising Illustration, Illustrator 5, Gradient Mesh, Blue Flowers

I have been busy working on a advertising poster campaign for a fabric softener which will be used on mainland Europe, I creatd the flowers using the gradient mesh tool from Illustrator 5,… Continue reading

Spring is in the Hair Illustration

New life is blooming all around us at this time of year, I was just a little inspired to create a spring scene illustration.

Belated #Valentines 2012, Butterfly Heart Illustration

Im a bit late to be posting about Valentines day, Here is a Butterfly Heart Illustration I created for the occation, Enjoy.

One of My Favorite Flowers are #Sunflowers, It Feels Like Spring Today, and May be even a Dash of Summer

The weather has tunred for the better today, I created this illustration to switch onto the Spring, and warm mood.

Jitesh Patel, Illustrates Spring Scene for Go Southern Railways Magazine

I was approached by Beetroot agency, and commissioned to create a illustration for Go Southern Railways magazine. The illustration was to a company an article entitled ‘Spring Break’ – which aims to inform… Continue reading

Tea & Cake Personal Illustration

This year I have been drinking a whole lot of tea, I guess im making up for lost time, as well as having my cake and eating it, I guess this is down… Continue reading

Borden Dairy, Holiday #Christmas Card 2011 Illustration Commission

I was contacted by David & Goliath Design Agency Based in Texas, USA. to create a a Christmas card for thier client Borden Diary, Holiday Christmas Card 2011 Illustration. The Creative team were… Continue reading

Bombay Sapphire, Test Illustration Artwork Commissioned by Young & Rubicam

I was commissioned by Young & Rubicam to create a test illustration for Bombay Sapphire, the illustration was not used for the campaign, sometimes these things happen with projects.

Halloween Illustration, Skulls, Bats & All Things Bump in the Night

Halloween is fast approaching, to get into the spirit of it all I put together this ghoulish illustration, which was alot of fun to do, thinking up some of the spooky festive cliche’s about halloween.

Cycling Around London Town, Illustration #cycling

As some of you might be aware, I quite like to cycle, and I wipped up this illustration to share something I enjoy

Intricate Insect World & Floral Pattern Illustration Artwork

Im interested in patterns and created this insect floral pattern out of interest and fun.

Sketch Book Floral Illustration, Pen & Ink

A little busy sketching in my sketch book, a nice way to pour out some ideas quickly I find,I seem to be doing and enjoying it alot more.

I dream Of Unicorns Illustration

Recently I have been dreaming alot, This is pretty much what goes on in my mind most of the time.

Jai’s Doodle work, Things Which are Twirling Round in My Head

  A couple of doodle sketches of ideas which I was thinking about while, having free time.